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There is a new page to this blog: Theoretical Computer Science Conferences and Workshops.  It provides names and links to theory venues — with theory broadly defined, including, for example, the theory of programming languages, which is usually considered outside the SIGACT purview  (EDIT: see comments).  This page is the result of dozens of contributions to a community wiki question on CSTheory, and Joe and I would like to thank everyone who participated.

Those interested in lists of TCS venues may also want to check out Microsoft Research’s list of computer science conferences.  That list considers all of CS, not just theory, and provides some added information, like citations per conference.  The list on this blog contains some conferences that the MR list does not.

If you see errors, or can think of useful additions, please comment here or on the new page, or edit the community wiki answer that contains the conference information.  Thanks, and we hope you find this helpful.

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  • Lance Fortnow says:

    SIGACT does co-sponsor POPL, the main theoretical programming languages conference.

  • Raphael says:

    Do you plan to have a similar page for journals?

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